Origins of the Manchega Sheep

Ovis Aries Ligeriensis is the name given to the ancestor of today´s sheep from La Mancha region in Spain. Originally from France, it arrived on the Spanish peninsula via the Pyrenees and on its migratory journey crossed the regions Aragón and Castilla y León before reaching Castilla La Mancha where it permanently settled.

Here it found its ideal environment: the manchegan plains located on the Castilian plateau on chalky soil and at an altitude of between 600 and 800 metres above sea level. The region was and is mainly dry with little wooded area and rich in heterogenous pastures with grains and leguminous plants, shrubs and scrubs, completed occasionally with green vine shoots.

The early inhabitants of La Mancha domesticated the manchega sheep, improving the breed, not allowing it to mix with others thus maintaining the purity and distinctive traits of this worldly unique breed.

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